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This is my best week yet. Had 1,2,3,5 in the right spot. I worried about doing my picks this week. Was very happy with it. Glad that Austin is alright. I cried when i watched that. it could have been a lot worse then it was. It probably gave PopPop heart failure. I bet he is sore as all get out today.
7/6/2015 10:18:57 PM EST
Avatar for ampedup26
Well I was hoping maybe NBCsports might replay the race at a normal time so people with a normal schedule could see it since they're an NBC affiliate but no such luck...maybe if I ask real nicely NBCand/or nascar will buy me a dvr so the next time they decide to run a midnight madness race I can record it and watch it at my convenience...
7/6/2015 8:01:03 PM EST
Avatar for corkster
781, -619 = 162 pts. net gained, had 3rd & 4th place in order....
7/6/2015 7:40:13 PM EST
Avatar for corkster
what a race.....
7/6/2015 7:36:33 PM EST
Avatar for ken12
I'm the man1
7/6/2015 6:55:57 PM EST
Avatar for beaches
babylady, I wish you could get more answers!! Good luck.
7/6/2015 6:30:14 PM EST
Avatar for beaches
Not sure why but I get the impression that someone doesn't like Jr... or plate racin'... or NBC... or NASCAR... just sayin'. That's not to say I'm overly fond of plate racin' myself because of the "big one" but if I don't like something about a sport (or anything, really) I don't watch/participate in it.
7/6/2015 3:15:19 PM EST

Hammer 5 think u need to come down to earh somethings wrong with u maybe u r off ur meds
7/6/2015 1:20:17 PM EST

End of rant. I just wanted the winner to be someone that didn't sell out to and agree with Nascars views as JR did on the Confederate flag. So they could wave it in Victory Lane and stick it to the Nascar and NBC Libtards
7/6/2015 11:38:58 AM EST

If the #3 car hit the fence roof first, NASCAR would have been in a world of sh1t, because Dillon would be dead. Restrictor plate racing is a joke and NASCAR loves it because it has death potential. So much for them caring about safety. If they really cared, they would ditch this restrictor plate boring @ss garbage
7/6/2015 11:37:16 AM EST

Like I said Friday. NASCAR and NBC are liberal pieces of crap. They made sure JR's car was illegal and faster than everyone else by 2 mph. When a car can drive as fast as 4 cars lined up drafting, we know from the past the car is illegally low. As it was JR who was penalized years ago for it. But when you are desperate for ratings because your network sucks, you do what you need to.
7/6/2015 11:35:20 AM EST

I live in New Mexico time was ok for me.
7/6/2015 11:21:25 AM EST
Avatar for vking1
An 828 with Jr., JJ, and Gordon in the correct spot.
7/6/2015 11:10:54 AM EST
Avatar for Packmule13
My ranks: 451 outta 706 on WWMT-TV and 14582 outta 25858 in the nation. And congratulations to the 18 people who joined the 12000+ point club this week!
7/6/2015 10:35:02 AM EST
Avatar for Packmule13
Our scores have now been updated, and it turns out I got a 704, includin' that 25-point bonus for puttin' Johnson in the correct spot. So after throwin' that 542 in the NASCAR upick'em landfill for a net gain of 162, my season score is now 11049. I need 952 more points in order to join this season's 12000+ point club.
7/6/2015 10:34:59 AM EST
Avatar for luggs
It has been changed amped.
7/6/2015 10:21:59 AM EST

I had Jr 1st and JJ 2nd, by my entire pick list somehow got dumped. I hope this game isn't rigged. Not real happy right now:(
7/6/2015 10:20:43 AM EST
Avatar for ampedup26
NBC and nascar chose to air the race on Sunday night because they feared viewership would be down due to people being away from home watching fireworks on Saturday...I wonder how many people were up watching at 2 a.m.....
7/6/2015 9:08:53 AM EST
Avatar for rathrrun
yep had JJ in 2nd and 3 in proper slot but only 5 of 10 dropped some 500s and 1 600 so still hope for decent season
7/6/2015 7:54:38 AM EST
Avatar for ampedup26
ampedup26 has JJ finishing 2nd and Hamlin 3rd...they have it switched on here. That's a difference of 25 points in my score because I had JJ in my picks but not Hamlin. Hope they get it fixed on here...
7/6/2015 7:30:00 AM EST
Avatar for ampedup26
Thanks NBC and NASCAR for #1 choosing to run the race on Sunday night, and #2 deciding to start it at almost midnight. FYI...some people had to work today and couldn't stay up all friggin night...
7/6/2015 7:26:13 AM EST
Avatar for smegma
Thanks for everyone who Flew The battle Flag at the Race...This flag shot noone ...Heritage Not Hate...God Bless all Americans!...Thank You
7/6/2015 6:38:27 AM EST
Avatar for dblittlee
7/6/2015 5:50:32 AM EST
Avatar for Packmule13
Well, this concludes a quick pit stop I thought I'd make. I'm outta here for now.
7/6/2015 5:03:30 AM EST
Avatar for Packmule13
Time for me to add up my score. Let's see..........if I'm addin' it up correctly, I got a 706, includin' a 25-point bonus for puttin' Jimmie Johnson in the correct spot. This would mean throwin' a 542 in the NASCAR upick'em landfill for a net gain of 164 and a season total of 11051.
7/6/2015 5:03:26 AM EST
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1076-1100 of 4870 Messages
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